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is protected only by an archaic, dilapidated military excess computer that any kid can bypass. Legal Notice
[MsVikki] was developed with the intent that it be used by all who may benefit from it. Unfortunately there are elements on the internet who have nothing but destruction on their mind. Because of those people, we have had to put up strong defenses. In fact the whole site is monitored by Seamus, our dog. He is a good dog, but can't always tell the difference between a kid, wandering in the yard, looking for a lost kitten, and someone sneaking around the house, looking for a way in, and may bark at either one. So, be smart and stay on the path, by only using links provided on these pages. That way you won't accidentally step on any flowers and you won't get bitten by the dog. — Thank you.

When Seamus catches you, he will block you at the gate, aka. the firewall. That affects all people on your network. Then he tells Maureen, our cat, about it. Maureen sleeps a lot, but once in a while will collect the time of trespasses and report you to your ISP. Your ISP doesn't like it when part of their network gets blocked. So, they might take your internet away. [Seamus and Maureen] By use of this application, you acknowledge and agree that there is no warranty nor representation of veracity, accuracy, or suitability of it for any purpose. assumes no liability or responsibility for any damages that could be deemed to have resulted from the use of this application. You further acknowledge that the availability of this site is subject to power outages or other interruptions of service, for which assumes no responsibility. The user shall hold harmless from and against any third party demands, claims, liabilities, expenses, or damages.